Sewing Machine Boot Camp

An Introduction To Using Your Sewing Machine | taught by Margaret Smith
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Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith
Professional Seamstress and Sewing Instructor

About the Instructor

Margaret Smith is a professional seamstress and sewing instructor, who loves to teach others how to sew and improve their techniques. Margaret has worked with students from all over the world - students just like YOU who enjoy working with their hands and feel rejuvenated by a relaxing pastime that lets you really show off your creativity!

Margaret has dedicated her life to sewing clothing and teaching others new techniques, and she specializes in helping beginners master difficult techniques with ease.

Margaret's approach to teaching is practical, down-to-earth and encouraging – she loves sewing, and wants you to love it too!

Are you ready to pull your sewing machine out of the closet and learn how to use it? Maybe you are looking to refresh your skills? Maybe you've never learned the proper techniques.

Then this sewing machine Boot Camp is for you. Sewing Machine Boot Camp is meant to show you how VERY EASY it is to teach yourself how to use a sewing machine, despite how overwhelming the manual that came with your machine may seem. The best part about this course? It doesn't matter if you've never touched a sewing machine before!

In this comprehensive boot camp, you will

  • Get to know the parts of a sewing machine
  • Learn how to properly thread it
  • Wind a bobbin
  • Sew in a straight line
  • Change the needle on your machine
  • Use the automatic needle threader

Once you've established the proper foundation, you'll be ready to begin learning to sew all the projects on your Pinterest boards. On top of that, you'll have the knowledge and the confidence to be able to sew much, much more.

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Course Contents

6 Videos
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Welcome To Sewing Machine Boot Camp
Getting To Know Your Sewing Machine